Bill Knowles has done three landscape lighting proposals for me, two of which I had him install (15-25 fixtures each). Bill is very knowledgeable about landscape lighting products. He recommends fixtures that are durable and long lasting. He has the experience to know where best to position light fixtures and how to properly wire them. He is confident in his approach, while also easy-going about listening to the owner’s input. His proposals were clear and detailed with product cut sheets provided. He does not usually provide any drawings locating the lighting on a landscape plan, however, if there were a landscape architect involved, I assume they would provide that service. As an architectural designer myself, I was particularly interested in the aesthetics of the lighting, not just their function. Bill delivered two great-looking projects. As for the warranty, it is very generous. After installation Bill returned to adjust light levels with lower wattage bulbs, adjust the timers and replace any faulty bulbs at no charge.