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Discover what makes Northern Outdoor Lighting the premier choice for outdoor lighting solutions and more through the words of those we’ve worked with. Our seasoned design professionals and craftspeople take great pride in their work, and the positive feedback they regularly receive for it. The following reviews help highlight our commitment to consistently delivering flawless results and exceptional customer experiences.

  • We are thrilled with our new outside lighting. Start to finish, Northern Outdoor Lighting provided excellent service, including design and installation. I recommend them to anyone interested in stepping up their outdoor lighting.

    Ann G.

  • I saw Bill’s work initially on a newly renovated house on Bacon St. in Winchester.

    I really like how efficient and professional Bill’s process was from start to finish. He is extremely knowledgeable in landscape lighting and design. I am very particular, and he is an excellent listener. I believe in doing things right the first time, and Bill was the right hire. He installed top of the line landscape light fixtures at a fair value for the quality of workmanship and product. He is also a man of his word. He came back to do an annual review of my property and fixed a couple of broken fixtures that were probably caused by my landscapers weedwhackers. I would highly recommend Bill.

    Landscape lighting really changes the look of your house. I see it as an intelligent investment akin to Lasik eye surgery, meaning: you do not necessarily need it, but once you go ahead and do it you are really happy with the result.

    Houzz Five-Star Review

  • Bill Knowles has done three landscape lighting proposals for me, two of which I had him install (15-25 fixtures each). Bill is very knowledgeable about landscape lighting products. He recommends fixtures that are durable and long lasting. He has the experience to know where best to position light fixtures and how to properly wire them. He is confident in his approach, while also easy-going about listening to the owner’s input. His proposals were clear and detailed with product cut sheets provided. He does not usually provide any drawings locating the lighting on a landscape plan, however, if there were a landscape architect involved, I assume they would provide that service. As an architectural designer myself, I was particularly interested in the aesthetics of the lighting, not just their function. Bill delivered two great-looking projects. As for the warranty, it is very generous. After installation Bill returned to adjust light levels with lower wattage bulbs, adjust the timers and replace any faulty bulbs at no charge.

    Houzz Five-Star Review

  • Wonderful!

    Nancy H.

  • Bill was punctual, polite and completed the job fully as agreed upon. Everything looks perfect. He was a pleasure to work with.

    Rachel G.

  • Wonderful and prompt customer service. All the technicians are professional, polite and courteous.

    Lori H.

  • Bill is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. He was fairly priced and delivered on schedule. He is also responsive to small details and fixes. I highly recommend him. I have expanded my landscape lighting and will add more in the future.

    JJ P.

  • Northern Outdoor Lighting designed and installed walkway lighting for my home. Extremely thorough and professional. Excellent recommendations, prompt quotation, professional installation, on-time and on-budget. Very good experience, and the lighting looks great

    Houzz Five-Star Review

  • Bill and his crew were wonderful to work with. The process was smooth and easy. Bill returned my initial call quickly and we were able to set up a date for him to look at the project. Bill came out once to look at the work, then came out again for a follow up and explanation of the estimate. The paperwork was all sent by email and was done in a very timely manner. We even had the option to pay online, which was great for us. Once the project was booked, Bill and his crew came out to set up the lighting. Every member of the team was extremely professional and cleaned up all the supplies. We are thrilled with the final project, and we highly recommend working with Bill. He is extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant to deal with.

    Lisa D.

  • Bill and his team are great. We felt that he was competent and experienced in giving us good advice. The project turned out beautifully. We had done another lighting project with our landscapers previously, who charged us much more, had little advice to offer and said that they cannot drill into our retaining walls to install lights. Bill said that it was not a problem to install lights in retaining walls, did so without a problem and gave us a beautiful result.

    Sharon S.

  • What a great experience all around. These guys are pros.  They did great work and were flexible in working with me to maximize my spend while helping me to make the right tradeoffs to control the budget. The design work by Steve was fantastic. The install was excellent and the installers even better. Everyone I worked with in this company took great pride in their work and getting it right. In fact, they finished today and could have just walked away, but they noticed that some of the bulbs could be changed to enhance the look, and they did exactly that. They took notes and planned to come back to fix them and make them uniform. I not only recommend these guys, I highly recommend them. Fantastic work and fantastic people. I really enjoyed every single member of their crew and their company. Aces across the board.

    Larry M.

  • Highly recommend Northern Outdoor Lighting. We moved into our house about a year ago and there was extensive outdoor lighting. We had no idea where most of the lights were located or the total number of lights throughout the property. Bill inventoried the lighting, then cleaned and repaired all the lights. Our yard has now been restored to its original lighting design. Bill and his partner were punctual, neat and great to work with.

    Houzz Five-Star Review

  • I hired Bill to replace incandescent lights with LED lights that could be anchored with concrete for the front entrance of our neighborhood. Bill helped identify the ideal lights. They are attractive, energy saving, timer controlled, provide the right amount of light and can be anchored into the ground in a robust way. Bill was prompt in providing a quote, taking care of the work, answering questions and providing assistance. He is professional, knowledgeable, prompt and a pleasure to work with. I am very satisfied with the work, and I highly recommend Bill and his company.

    Bob F.

  • Bill executed a fantastic lighting job to finish our new outdoor deck and patio project. We had not adequately planned for the lighting beforehand, but Bill came through with some wonderful ideas and insight. He was able to install it without sacrificing the end-product or impacting any of the newly installed stonework, decking or landscaping. His creative ideas were extremely valuable to us. Excellent work and highly recommended!

    Houzz Five-Star Review

  • The landscape lighting project went perfectly as planned. Bill Knowles and his team at Northern Outdoor Lighting did a great job with the layout design. Their team is very professional, courteous as well as responsive to all of my follow up questions. I highly recommend them.

    Dave D.