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Elevating Outdoor Space with Precision

Showcase Your Property in the Most Flattering and Functional Light

At Northern Outdoor Lighting, we understand that the impact of landscape lighting is fully dependent on its design and implementation. Each vibrant garden trellis, winding brick pathway and other eye-catching features offer distinct opportunities to make powerful aesthetic statements. Our mission is to ensure that every element of your property is showcased in the most flattering and functional light. We strategically craft ambiance using every technique and tool available – from artistic uplighting, downlighting, silhouetting, to elegant catenary lighting, functional recessed path lights, area lights and more.

Illumination Meets Inspiration

Landscape lighting is an art form that transcends mere visuals. Effective light design becomes an integral part of the space itself, evoking emotional responses that range from familiar comfort and warmth to awe inspiring wonder and enchantment. Through direct consultation, we can create a landscape lighting design that delivers a totally immersive and interactive experience. Whether you want to turn your outdoor terrace into a tranquil night retreat, highlight a particular architectural detail of your home – or anything in between, you can count on us to bring our design concept to completion.

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We have over 20 years of experience working with homeowners, businesses, architects and other construction professionals in Greater Boston, Massachusetts communities, such as Andover, Weston and Wellesley, as well as Southern New Hampshire and throughout the region. Our team is comprised of technicians and designers that have been certified by the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP). We use premium components, the latest equipment and best practice techniques to ensure your project stands the tests of time, New England weather and heavy usage.

I have worked with Bill and Northern Outdoor Lighting to work on several of my professional landscape projects and for my own home. All my experiences have been extremely positive. Over the past couple of years, he has been the best contractor I’ve worked with, so it was a no brainer to use him at my personal house as well. I highly recommend him for all your outdoor lighting needs.

Jon R.

After interviewing a few companies, it was crystal clear that Northern Outdoor Lighting would complete our project with the highest level of quality and service. Our expectations were met and exceeded. Bill Knowles is a true gentleman who arrives on time and is concise and precise in project planning and product detail. His crew was careful, friendly and accommodated all our wishes. We couldn’t be happier with the final outcome that now beautifully accents our property.

John P.

With experience as a professional landscaper, Bill has a true sense and vision of how to illuminate an outdoor scene. His knowledge is a true resource for every project. His team was a pleasure to work with when we were confronted with tight schedules and fixed budgets.  Northern Outdoor Lighting earns my highest recommendation as the premiere outdoor lighting expert in New England.

Houzz Five-Star Review

The landscape lighting project went perfectly as planned. Bill Knowles and his team at Northern Outdoor Lighting did a great job with the layout design. Their team is very professional, courteous as well as responsive to all of my follow up questions. I highly recommend them.

Dave D.

We are thrilled with our new outside lighting. Start to finish, Northern Outdoor Lighting provided excellent service, including design and installation. I recommend them to anyone interested in stepping up their outdoor lighting.

Ann G.

Northern Outdoor Lighting provided outdoor lighting for our garden in Cambridge, MA. I called all of their references before we hired them. All of the people I spoke with gave Bill Knowles glowing references. As much as I was skeptical, it was the best decision we made to hire Northern Outdoor Lighting! Bill and his team worked quickly and efficiently. They came back at least twice to tweak the color temperature of the lamps and to add some additional lights. Our garden was transformed!

Houzz Five-Star Review

Bill and his team are great. We felt that he was competent and experienced in giving us good advice. The project turned out beautifully. We had done another lighting project with our landscapers previously, who charged us much more, had little advice to offer and said that they cannot drill into our retaining walls to install lights. Bill said that it was not a problem to install lights in retaining walls, did so without a problem and gave us a beautiful result.

Sharon S.

Always on time and returns messages promptly. Would definitely recommend. Great service and product!

Colleen C.