On a whim, I reached out to Bill to design and install the lighting for my wedding last summer. I wanted temporary lights, and he was an expert in permanent. He was excited about the challenge and said that the materials were the same, just a slightly different strategy. I was 100% unprepared for how awesome, professional, cautious, thoughtful and reliable Bill would be about our project, which started as a temporary installation, as I said, and turned into permanent installations all over my parents farm because they loved the lighting so much.

Bill came up and did several site visits to our home in NH, he listened to my vision for how the lighting would flow at our outdoor wedding on our property, he made his own recommendations as well, which were creative and fun. He showed me sample fixtures and sent through a budget and got to work. For the installation, he came several days in advance of the wedding with a small crew to start putting the lights in place. He wanted to test everything before the day in case anything was wrong. Each day, the property came to life in a way that was unexpected. We’d never had outdoor lighting before and having it wash across the barn, the forest, the bread oven and the gardens was all incredible.

The event went off beautifully and Bill took all my crazy phone calls. After the main event, my parents decided to make a lot of the lighting permanent and they have enjoyed it ever since. Bill made sure all the wires and such were buried and the property was clean and safe, even when they were temporary, and he did a totally pro installation when they were made permanent. He has taken countless calls from my dad about replacing a bulb or adjusting a light. He is just the nicest person to deal with.

He never makes anyone feel uninformed, even though many are when it comes to outdoor lighting. I certainly was. He became like a member of our family for the weeks surrounding the biggest day of my life!